San Francisco’s coy and classy, sweet and sassy, captivating chorus line!

Dear friends,
We have had such an amazing three years together growing as chorus girls and bringing our fantasies of deco glamour to life! It’s been an honor to perform for you, our wonderful fans, all over San Francisco — from Red Hots Burlesque to the Walt Disney Museum, the Verdi Club, and the USS Hornet. We’ve loved every sequin of it! As all good things must eventually come to an end, we’ve decided it’s time to close the curtain on our act. But don’t think we’ll sneak out on ya — we’re going out with our most spectacular routine yet!

Picture this: you’ve somehow stumbled upon an enchanted grotto where five glorious sea nymphs are frolicking by a waterfall… Could it be? Mermaid chorines? And they’ve spotted you!

Come lose yourself in a mirage of sea foam and sparkle for our last few shows! “Catch” us at two special performances at swing dancing nights! Dance lessons at 9, open dancing at 9:30pm, with The Tartlettes taking the stage at 10:30 on Wednesday, November 18 at Balancoire and Tuesday, November 24th at The Verdi Club.

We hope to see you there!

So many kisses,
The Tartlettes

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